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Fatigue Management Training

BSS New Zealand pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive and practical programmes for employees and for supervisors/managers. 

As part of this programme, participants undertake an in-depth sleep assessment to determine the level and causes of their fatigue. This information is then used to create an individual sleep / fatigue profile and a personal fatigue management plan. Because fatigue is such a pervasive component of impairment, our training is broad brush, also addressing use of alcohol, caffeine, medication, lifestyle matters, exercise and nutrition.

Collected individual data is de-personalised and can be aggregated to produce an organisational report from which broader interventions can be delivered. 

Better Sleep Solutions 

Sleep is vital to good health and performance. Poor sleep and fatigue can lead to loss of enjoyment of life and contribute to many serious medical problems such as diabetes and obesity. It can also be a serious risk to your safety, especially when at work or driving. An investment in this primarily sleep hygiene and sleeping disorder management programme is for an assessment and up to 6 sessions with a sleep specialist. The programme can be delivered face-to-face, online video or telephone. If you wish to refer an employee to this programme, contact or ring +64 4 382 8071.



Fatigue Management Training for Employees

The 6 hour training includes:

All participants receive a comprehensive Fatigue Management resource book. This contains practical strategies to address all of the above issues.

For further information email: or ring +64 4 382 8071

Managing Fatigue as a Supervisor or Manager

Prior to this 2 hour training, all attendees are required to attend the 6 hour Fatigue Management workshop. It may suit the employer to have this delivered as an adjunct to the employee training on fatigue, perhaps earlier in the day. There are no personal assessments in the leaders training - much of the workshop concentrates on decisionmaking, thus assisting participants to develop confidence in making right choices on employee fatigue and then being involved in case management with a specialist provider.

The workshop covers the following areas:

For further information email: or ring +64 4 382 8071