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Our People

Matthew Beattie - Managing Director

Matt Beattie MA Hons, PGDipDef, psc is both a director of New Zealand-based fitness for work provider BSSNZ, and the founder/owner of Instep, a New Zealand-based behavioural healthcare company. He is a graduate in human resources, industrial and organisational psychology and has post graduate qualifications in international relations and strategic studies from both New Zealand and Australian universities. He has also enjoyed attending short programmes at Harvard Law School on negotiation, performance psychology and dealing with difficult people.

Matt was a soldier for 25 years - either as a commander or trainer in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom or other overseas theatres. More recently, he was a previous owner of the pre-eminent addiction treatment facility, Queen Mary Hospital, Hanmer Springs. He has provided expert evidence in ERA and Employment Court settings and has written extensively on organisational behavioural risk for both domestic and international HR, wellness and health and safety magazines and enjoys occasional comment in NZ papers, radio and television.

Matt is a consultant and trainer for  a variety of fitness for work programmes in New Zealand. He particularly enjoys working in the fatigue management, alcohol and other drugs field and the training of supervisors and managers in 'soft skills' to manage organisational risk. He also runs Better Sleep Solutions clinics for employees who want to manage their fatigue and get a better night's sleep.

Isobel Boylan - Director

Isobel is a Psychologist with over 40 years' experience across the public and private sectors. She is dedicated to maintaining high standards in the delivery of training and consultancy services. This includes a range of training requirements specifically tailored to a diverse audience, covering areas such as:
•    Fitness for Work
•    Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
•    Performance Management Systems
•    Mentoring Systems
•    Management Coaching Programmes
•    Change Management  
•    First Level Supervisor Training
Isobel's focus is on providing quality programmes to suit all levels of the organisation from executives to the shop floor. This assures a best-fit model to the specific requirements of the individual organisation and site.

Isobel has recently been responsible for the development and implementation of the BSS Mental Health in the Workplace programmes.

Peter Simpson - Director

Peter Simpson BPsych, Dip Tch, MBA is a Psychologist with over 40 years' experience. During the past twenty years, Peter has had extensive experience in the Resources Sector, developing and implementing programmes to manage 'Fitness for Work' (FFW) issues, particularly in the areas of fatigue and alcohol and other drug use.

Peter has initiated BSS companies in South Africa, Tanzania, Chile, Colombia and the United States of America. He is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and is the author of numerous publications in the Fitness for Work area. His varied experience provides a broad and practical approach to the management of Fitness for Work in the workplace.


Frank O'Connor - Principal Consultant

Frank O'Connor is BSSNZ’s principal consultant. He has been a registered organisational psychologist since 1987 and a management and organisational consultant since 1986. Frank has worked in organisation performance, business performance improvement and managing organisational change. He has had particular experience and interest in personal, group and organisational change processes and consequences for business performance. Based in Wellington, Frank travels where needed to help organisations advance wellbeing.  He works especially with ‘soft’ skills, which increase the value people contribute to their organisations as well as the benefits each person gets from work. He typically does this by planning and delivering programmes of demonstrable change to organisational performance and capability in action, supporting organisations and individuals as they respond to mental health problems. He graduated Master of Science in Psychology at the University of Canterbury in 1983. 

Additional Consulting Staff

All Consulting Services staff are selected through the rigorous application of our standardised quality assured procedures. 
Selection criteria include:
•    Qualifications through appropriately endorsed tertiary institutions
•    Professional affiliations
•    Relevant experience and expertise
•    Suitable personal attributes
All staff are registered with the appropriate professional bodies and affiliated with their respective peak professional association.